• March 20-22, 2019

    Laser World of Photonics


    Exhibition time:

    March 20-22, 2019

    Exhibition location:

    Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)

    (2345 Longyang Road)

    W1/W2/W3/W4/W5 Exhibition Hall

    Campus Lecture

    Speech Topic:

    Laser creative industry and Laser technology


    Fo Guang University (Taiwan)

    Speech time:

    11/22 (Thursday) 9:30-12:00

    12/5 (Wednesday) 10:00-12:00

    Hortech customized project

    Provide Medical PCB

    Laser Resume

    The Hortech team designed the customized project to provide Taiwan's PCB factory to medical customer requirements. Combined the information flow of production and quality control units with the design of machine relation to achieving safety production requirements.


    2018-10-22 UDN.com


    Laser Exhibition Sharing Business Opportunities

    Hortech company participated in the "2018 Taiwan International Laser Application Exhibition" at the Nangang Exhibition Hall from October 17th to 19th. It exhibited three main business products, one was ultra-precision processing, including micro-drilling, etching, cutting, and a laser CNC machine tool.


    2018-10-15 UDN.com

    Hortech Laser Ultra Precision cold machining

    Accelerate development efficiency

    Hortech Company has successfully developed a sub-micron laser maskless direct-write etching or photoresist direct-write exposure pattern, which can be combined with flexible customization to design patterns for processing experiments. This technology has been successfully applied to dry etching, drilling, and cutting.


    2018-09-04 UDN.com

    Hortech Laser cold machining technology

    Used for functional materials

    Hortech Company participated in the TAIPEI PLAS 2018 from August 15th to 19th, exhibiting laser welding technology, functional plastic cutting and drilling laser processing technology. We are looking forward to cooperating with local distributors or manufacturing partners to create a new business by providing the existing technology.


    2018-08-15 UDN.com