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    Laser Micro-machining System

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    Since September 1995, we have been focusing on laser processing and the integration of opto-mechatronic system on industry innovation development. By using green technology for friendly environment & mass production, it is our goal to research and develop the related laser dry etching optimization processing solution with precise automatic intelligence for laser applications.

    We have already obtained the invention patents to be used on our solution that integrates with our core technology, and also have such patents at Taiwan, Mainland China, US, Japan and South Korea. It is our goal to create a business opportunity with partners who would like to use laser green technology for production in the future.

    In 1989, we have successfully developed the Carbon Film Resistors laser trimming equipment to use as the memory model for circuit board manufactures. In 2009, we’ve successfully developed the Touch panel glass/film narrow border circuit scribing equipment, for sales to the main international manufacture of the touch panel industry. In 2011, we’ve developed the Dual stages of touch panel film narrow border circuit scribing equipment for mass production to the main international manufacture of the touch panel industry. In the year 2015, we’ve successfully developed the Touch panel 0.42mm DITO glass laser patterning equipment for sales to the main international manufacture of the navigational industry.

    In recent years, we’ve continuously developed new technology and key industry market applications, and have joined the optical-mechanical-electrical alliance of the National institution for experimental science technology equipment Development Center for the technical research forum concerning optical and electrical integration. We are a part of the Sapphire fabrication alliance of the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre of microfabrication for the technical research forum concerning laser microfabrication. We are also a member of the three-dimensional laser fabrication alliance of the laser application center within the Industrial Technology Research Institute for the technical research forum of three-dimensional laser additive manufacturing. In 2016, we’ve entered the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park for research and development for research-related purposes. We work along with system automation manufacturers to conduct partnerships within the laser industry to accelerate the innovation of development within Taiwan's laser industry in order to proactively increase various industrial needs.在此处添加文本段落

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